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INSPIRE Community Forum FAQ

What is the INSPIRE Community Forum?

The INSPIRE Community Forum, formerly named Thematic Clusters, is a collaborative platform set up with the objective of supporting the INSPIRE implementation and its use in the Member States. As the implementation of INSPIRE is progressing the aspects of evolution and re-use of INSPIRE principles, experience, tools in other policy domains are gaining importance.

What is a cluster?

A cluster is is an aggregation of INSPIRE themes that are put together in specific platform’s spaces. Any registered user can voluntarily join a cluster and/ or discuss on related topics. Every cluster has a facilitator that encourages and moderates discussions, and promotes the sharing of good practices and key issues relevant projects or software solutions.

How can I participate in a cluster?

To start participating actively in a cluster you only need to have an EU Login user account.
EU Login is the European Commission's user authentication service. It allows authorised users to access a wide range of Commission web services, using a single email address and password.
If you are a new user of the platform and you do not have an EU Login account yet, please create it here.

Which are the available clusters?

The platform is built upon nine thematic and two cross-domain clusters. You can get to know all the available clusters through the overview page.

How can I join/ leave a cluster?

In every thematic cluster introduction page, you have the possibility to:

  • ask to be a member by clicking on ‘Join Group’,
  • to quit it whenever you want, by clicking on the ‘Leave Group’ button.

Look for the buttons at the top of the web page.

How can I include a post?

To start a new discussion you need to be logged in and then you just need to click on the ‘Add discussion topic’ button, a form with few fields to be completed will appear next.


Before adding any new publication, it is highly recommended to double check if the topic/ issue or any other post you are about to publish has not already been opened by someone else. Use the search functionalities to verify the former.

Besides, once editing the post, it is advisable to add keywords or ‘tags’ to better describe the topics covered by your discussion. As you type your tags, suggestions will be provided if matching the ones in use.

How can I reply to a post?

Unless a discussion is closed, you should be able to reply to any discussion, to do so, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the discussion thread until you see the ‘Reply to this’ form.

How can I manage notifications?

By default, the system subscribes you to all the content produced by the clusters you belong to.

If you prefer to decide which notifications to get and through which channel, you need to go to the settings page available within the account menu. (Remember that you need to be logged in to see these options.)

You can receive the notifications through the INSPIRE Community Forum site ‘site’ and/ or by email.  You can set it to your preferences simply by checking/unchecking each entry accordingly.


You can manage the notifications at different levels:

Remember to Save the new settings before leaving the page.

How can I follow a specific tag?

If you are interested in following a very specific word, you might find useful to subscribe to tags.  Tags are keywords that are highlighted by their authors of the publications so that they can be easily retrieved.

You can identify a tag easily since it is preceded by the icon  image and followed by the icon image.

To follow a tag, simply click on the image icon.  From this very moment, you would tracking new content where this is used.  Remember that you can manage the Tags notifications within the Settings menu available under the ‘Account’ menu when logged in.


How can I search through the platform’s content?

The system provides two main search methods:

  • full-text search, available through a search box functionality available in the upper right side of the web pages. You can type any text in it. If the system retrieves the elements in the platforms they will be shown on a result page.


  • tag search, and advanced search method relying on agreed tags. The tags will be suggested in form of a drop-down menu as you begin to type. You can also refine your search by restricting the source cluster. To check which are the agreed tags used by the facilitator to better classify the content, please refer to the Controlled tags – Tag Search page.