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OGC API – Features as an INSPIRE download service

Several possible solutions for implementing download services are already endorsed by the INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation (MIG) group. Technical guidelines documents are available that cover implementations based on ATOM, WFS 2.0, WCS and SOS. While all of these approaches use the Web for providing access to geospatial data, the new family of OGC API standards aim to be more developer friendly by requiring less up-front knowledge of the standard involved. The rapid emergence of Web APIs provide a flexible and easily understandable means for access to data, as recommended by the W3C Data on the Web Best Practices.

This good practice proposes an additional option for the implementation of INSPIRE download services. The draft guideline for setting up an INSPIRE Download service based on the OGC API-Features standard, together with implementation evidences are available on GitHub.

In order to facilitate the use of off-the-shelf software implementing the OGC API - Features standard to meet the requirements in this document, INSPIRE-specific extensions are limited to the absolute minimum. Where several implementation options exist, this document guideline defines a specific way of application of the OAPIF and associated standards to meet the requirements of the INSPIRE Implementing Rules for download services.

Relevance & expected benefits: 

The adoption of the OGC API – Features standard as an INSPIRE Download service would provide a modern approach for the exposure of geospatial data that adheres to the recommendations of the W3C Data on the Web Best Practices. Both implementers of INSPIRE and users of the data would benefit from the powerful, yet simple approach for data sharing.

  • Technical guideline for setting up INSPIRE Download services based on the OGC API -  Features standard
  • Abstract Test Suite
  • Implementation evidences

The INSPIRE MIWP Action 2020.1 is currently collecting evidences for the implementation of the OGC API – Features for INSPIRE in a structured manner. Those will be provided when submitting the good practice for endorsement by the MIG.


Sharing of coverage data is out of the scope of this good practices. Executable tests and validation of OGC API – Feature instances are also not covered in this good practice as they will be dealt with within the context of the work on the INSPIRE Reference validator.

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