INSPIRE Knowledge Base

Guide for users


The INSPIRE directive came into force on 15 May 2007 and will be implemented in various stages, with full implementation required by 2019.Details of the Directive and the policy background leading to its adoption can be found in the background section.

Which data is covered by INSPIRE?

One of the major goals of INSPIRE is to create harmonised spatial data sets that can be used seamlessly in cross-border applications. In order to reach this goal it is necessary to agree on common definitions for the 34 themes covered by INSPIRE.

While these address many basic use cases, they often need to be extended to serve national as well as domain specific needs.  No problem! The INSPIRE core data models are designed to be extensible.  

How can I use INSPIRE Data and Services

INSPIRE data and services can be used for a large variety of applicitions to support e.g.

  • the implemention and monitoring of enviromental policies including environmental reporting and easy access of environmental information for the public,
  • eGovernment strategies,
  • other policy areas (e.g. disaster management, energy, intelligent transport systems, Copernicus), and
  • the data economy.

Where do I find the INSPIRE data?

The INSPIRE Geoportal provides the central access point into the INSPIRE infrastructure.

Are there any examples of INSPIRE being used?

This INSPIRE Pilots section provides examples of where INSPIRE data and services are already used and additional resources for users of the infrastructure.

INSPIRE in Practice implementations section provides acccess to a collection of INSPIRE implementations.

What tools and resouces are available?

INSPIRE in Practice tools section provides acccess to a collection of tools used to implement INSPIRE.

The tools and resources repository provides access to resources developed by the INSPIRE EC/EEA team.

What's happening in my country?

Each member state is obliged to ensure that appropiate structures and mechanisms are designated for coordinationg,  across the differenct levels of government, the contributions of all thoose with an interest in their infrastructures for spatial information.

The INSPIRE in your country section provides information for the individual countries.