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Directive 2007/2/EC Article 7

1.   Implementing rules laying down technical arrangements for the interoperability and, where practicable, harmonisation of spatial data sets and services, designed to amend non-essential elements of this Directive by supplementing it, shall be adopted in accordance with the regulatory procedure with scrutiny referred to in Article 22(3). Relevant user requirements, existing initiatives and international standards for the harmonisation of spatial data sets, as well as feasibility and cost-benefit considerations shall be taken into account in the development of the implementing rules. Where organisations established under international law have adopted relevant standards to ensure interoperability or harmonisation of spatial data sets and services, these standards shall be integrated, and the existing technical means shall be referred to, if appropriate, in the implementing rules mentioned in this paragraph.

2.   As a basis for developing the implementing rules provided for in paragraph 1, the Commission shall undertake analyses to ensure that the rules are feasible and proportionate in terms of their likely costs and benefits and shall share the results of such analyses with the committee referred to in Article 22(1). Member States shall, on request, provide the Commission with the information necessary to enable it to undertake such analyses.

3.   Member States shall ensure that all newly collected and extensively restructured spatial data sets and the corresponding spatial data services are available in conformity with the implementing rules referred to in paragraph 1 within two years of their adoption, and that other spatial data sets and services still in use are available in conformity with the implementing rules within seven years of their adoption. Spatial data sets shall be made available in conformity with the implementing rules either through the adaptation of existing spatial data sets or through the transformation services referred to point (d) of Article 11(1).

4.   Implementing rules referred to in paragraph 1 shall cover the definition and classification of spatial objects relevant to spatial data sets related to the themes listed in Annex I, II or III and the way in which those spatial data are geo-referenced.

5.   Representatives of Member States at national, regional and local level as well as other natural or legal persons with an interest in the spatial data concerned by virtue of their role in the infrastructure for spatial information, including users, producers, added value service providers or any coordinating body shall be given the opportunity to participate in preparatory discussions on the content of the implementing rules referred to in paragraph 1, prior to consideration by the Committee referred to in  Article 22(1).

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