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Spatial scope
Administrative level that the data set intends to cover.
The spatial scope can be different from the actual geographical coverage, e.g. a national coastline data set may cover only a fraction of the full spatial extent of a country.
The spatial scope of the data set does not necessarily reflect the administrative level responsible for collecting and maintaining the data, e.g. the responsibility for maintaining the data inside the national address data set can be at regional or local level.
The code list contains values governed at the level of INSPIRE legal acts (governance level: Legal (EU)) and values governed at the level of INSPIRE Technical Guidelines (governance level: Technical (EU)). The former directly support the INSPIRE Monitoring and Reporting Decision, while the latter provide additional options for tagging other data sets.
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Metadata code list values

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Label Legislation Parent Governance level Status
National eu-legal Valid
Regional eu-legal Valid
Local eu-technical Valid
Global eu-technical Valid
European eu-technical Valid