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2018 CEF Telecom Public Open Data call is now open


The 2018 CEF Telecom Public Open Datawhich makes an indicative €18.5 million of funding available for proposals in this area, is now open.

A Virtual Info Day on the call and application process will take place on 17 May 2018. You can register here.

Call deadline: 15 November 2018

Of particular interest for the INSPIRE community is Objective 2,  Generation of cross-border services providing access to harmonised thematic open dataset(s) and the corresponding metadata.    

Proposed actions should create and deploy cross-border services providing access (view and download) to harmonised thematic open dataset(s) and the corresponding metadata.

These services can be based on different data sources, including e.g. geospatial data provided under INSPIRE, Copernicus data, the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS)/Galileo positioning & navigation information, or data provided by citizens and crowd-sourced initiatives such as OpenStreetMap. The services proposed must:

be harmonised in terms of data content, level of detail, data structure, vocabularies and licence conditions and have pan-European or at least cross-border geographical coverage

be available through the European Data Portal and documented through metadata in the appropriate harvested catalogues

provide value-added information to support specific application areas in priority EU policies, e.g. in the areas of energy, climate, protection of the environment, sustainable use of natural resources, emergency/disaster management

By the end of the proposed action a document laying out the barriers encountered during the creation of the services must be foreseen, including recommendations for tools, functionalities or good practices that could facilitate the creation of such services on a larger scale or for other application areas.


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