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Availability of updated Technical Guidance documents for INSPIRE Discovery and View Services

The Initial Operating capability Task Force has updated the Technical Guidelines for Discovery and View Services and has approved version 3.0 as a stable version of these documents.

The Initial Operating Capability Task Force (IOC TF) was set up in May 2009 to help and support the implementation of INSPIRE in the Member States. The scope of the IOC TF includes architectural aspects and implementation of Network Services to ensure interoperability with the INSPIRE geoportal and among Member States. The IOC TF initially focuses on the implementation of the INSPIRE Discovery and View Services.

Both Documents are now publicly available on the INSPIRE Site:

Please note that there have been significant changes between the previously published versions 2.12 and the new 3.0 versions which impact backwards compatibility.

These primarily concern a) the way Discovery and View service INSPIRE metadata are encoded in a  "Get Discovery/View Service metadata response" and b) Encoding of the language to comply with the language requirements of the Network Services regulation.

These and other changes are listed in the revision history section of both documents.
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