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Call for expression of interest to tender: Data ecosystems for geospatial data


In the context of ELISE (European Location Interoperability Solutions for e-Government) Action of the ISA2 programme, the JRC is planning to launch a procurement aiming to investigate how Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs) can evolve into data ecosystems to support the goals of digital government in Europe. 

The work should take into account factors such as relevant actors, their responsibilities and data value chains, emerging data sources (e.g. the Internet of Things) and technical/architectural approaches (e.g. digital platforms, mobile-by-default, Application Programming Interfaces). It should also address the interoperability between data ecosystems for different sectors and/or different countries and cross-cutting requirements for geospatial data. The outcomes of the work will provide an input into the discussion on the future evolution of INSPIRE after the conclusion of the current implementation programme in 2020. 

The work will involve:

  • proposing case studies of existing data ecosystems for or including geospatial data (including current SDIs) and case studies for interoperability between such data ecosystems;
  • proposing a framework and methodology for analysing/comparing the characteristics /requirements of data ecosystems and their interoperability, including semantic, technical, governance, economic, legal and organisational aspects;
  • analysing in depth a subset of the proposed case studies according to this framework;
  • developing recommendations for setting up such ecosystems (incl. possible impacts for transition to such ecosystems from current SDIs like INSPIRE) and to enable interoperability between them; and
  • presenting the findings in a stakeholder workshop (to be organised by the JRC)

Deadline for registration of interest 30/08/2019

Find out more about this planned call for tender and register your interest! 

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