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Copernicus In Situ newsletter


The EEA has launched a newsletter on the Copernicus In Situ component, to be published 3-4 times annually. The newsletter will provide insights into the myriad in situ data sources, the organisations and networks which own and manage them, and the challenges to be overcome in realising their potential for the Copernicus programme.

The first issue of the Copernicus In Situ Newsletter can be read online. It includes interviews with high-level stakeholders in the EEA and the European Commission, news from within the Copernicus in situ community, and an overview of key opportunities and events. You can also subscribe to receive future editions of the Copernicus In Situ newsletter

The in situ component encompasses the interests of a wide variety of thematic communities. The contents of the newsletter have therefore been tagged with markers to enable interested readers to rapidly identify relevant content to their particular domain of application (e.g. spatial reference data vs observations; the six Copernicus service domains).


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