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Data Specifications: Call for comments on the Definition of Annex Themes and Scope D2.3


The Definition of INSPIRE Annex Themes and Scope (D 2.3) of the INSPIRE Drafting Team “Data Specifications” is now available for comments from SDICs and LMOs. Please note this is not an INSPIRE Implementing Rule. Implementing Rules will be developed for each theme listed in the annexes of the Directive at a later stage. This document rather defines a firm starting point for developing specifications for the Implementing Rules. As such, it has paramount importance and will be used as prime reference together with the INSPIRE Generic Conceptual Model (D 2.5), Methodology for Specification Development (D 2.6) and Guidelines for encoding (D 2.7). (D 2.6 and D2.7 to be published later this year)

Material for the review process include:

  1. D2.3: Definition of Annex Themes and Scope
  2. D2.2: Survey of Initiatives Relevant to INSPIRE Data Specifications
Published Date: