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GeoNetwork and INSPIRE event


The INSPIRE community hold a hybrid event on 24 Nov 2022, jointly with the back-to-back 16 MIG / 72 MIG-T Meetings in the premises of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR), in Brussels.
Under the ‘GeoNetwork and INSPIRE’ motto, this technical meeting was attended by approximately 35 MIG/MIG-T members. It was organised as part of the activities to deploy and promote the revamped INSPIRE Geoportal based on GeoNetwork open source, with the following agenda:

  • Welcome and Introduction (JRC / GeoCat).
  • GeoNetwork open source: plans and evolution (GeoCat).
  • INSPIRE Geoportal: status and potential evolution (JRC).
  • Discussion: GeoNetwork and INSPIRE synergies.
  • Conclusions (JRC / GeoCat).
  • Wrap-up.

After presenting the results of the INSPIRE Geoportal revamp project, an active discussion and brainstorming took place around the results achieved and the future of the system.
Aside the good and useful technical exchange, the audience concluded that future project improvements should be community-driven. Potential synergies will be explored in the short term for establishing new requirements for the system, while identifying funding opportunities between all stakeholders.
The activity, organised as a previous step for launching the revamped INSPIRE Geoportal, was well-received by the community.

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