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INSPIRE – What if…? – Workshop at OGC TC meeting



On Thursday, 23 March 2017, during the 102nd OGC TC meeting in Delft, we are organising an ad-hoc workshop titled INSPIRE – What if…? [1]. With this call, we are asking for position papers for this workshop.

Why this workshop?

INSPIRE implementation is now progressing across the EU, and INSPIRE data, services and principles are being proposed for ensuring interoperability across sectors. At the same time, new digital technologies (smartphones, 5G mobile networks, cloud computing, internet of things, e-platforms …) are transforming the economy and society and are imposing new policy challenges and opportunities. We would therefore like to take a step back and think about what the INSPIRE infrastructure could look like if we had to design it today, integrating new data sources and exploiting new ICT opportunities (with a time horizon for implementation by 2025-2030).

Submission guidelines

Position papers should be no longer than 400 words (roughly 1 page A4) and should describe how to address the challenges and opportunities described above, addressing one or several of the following questions:

  • What standards and technologies should the infrastructure be based on?
  • What architectural pattern would you recommend?
  • What should be the main components of the infrastructure?
  • How would you organise the implementation process and make it cost-efficient?
  • How would you ensure a wide adoption and use of the infrastructure?

For each of these aspects, please explain the rationale for your recommendations (the "why"), especially if they deviate from the current choices made in INSPIRE.

Please send your position papers to by 13 March 2017.

What next?

Depending on the number of submissions, we will organise the workshop through panel discussions on different topics or as a bar camp session (with several break-out groups).

The position papers will be summarized in a workshop report and published on the INSPIRE web site. The conclusions of the workshop will be used as input for discussions on how the INSPIRE infrastructure could evolve in order to support emerging requirements, increase efficiency and reinforcing its unique potential for cross-border applications. If successful, we will organise a similar workshop at the INSPIRE Conference in Kehl/Strasbourg in September.


[1] The title has been inspired by the blog and book of xkcd author Randall Monroe, where he provides "Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions" – see

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