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INSPIRE: Network Services Draft Implementing Rules Version 3


The Network Services Drafting Team final version of the Discovery and View Network Services Implementing Rules have been published. These proposals from the Drafting team have been taken into account by the Consolidation Team in the editing of the legal acts to be submitted soon to the INSPIRE Committee.

In addition the first version of the corresponding technical guidance documents have also been published. These informative documents represents a contribution from the Drafting Team “Network Services” to help the process of implementing the view and discovery INSPIRE Network Services.

Preliminary versions of this document have already been revised in the light of comments from the INSPIRE Consolidation team, INSPIRE Drafting teams and the registered SDICs and LMOs.

The Implementing rules and the associated guidance were reviewed by the SDICs and LMOs. The comment resolution process included a workshop with their representatives and an open workshop during the INSPIRE 2008 conference. Based on the discussions, the Drafting Team “Network Services” resolved the comments in this version. The table containing the comments and the resolution is also available.

All the documents are available on the INSPIRE site

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