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INSPIRE Schema Transformation Network Service

The following suite of documents relating to INSPIRE Schema Transformation Network Service has recently been published on the INSPIRE site.

This guidance captures key use cases and an architecture for implementing a Schema Transformation Network Service. This Technical Guidance has focused on using open standards, and, where possible,standards common to the wider (non-spatial) community.

This report documents leading technologies and existing standards relating to Data Model Transformation and Network Services that are considered relevant to the provision of Technical Guidance to the requirements of the INSPIRE Transformation Network Service (TNS).

This report provides a description and evaluation of the Prototype Demonstrator, as produced to verify the feasibility of the Technical Guidance for INSPIRE Transformation Network Services (TNS). A Conformity Report, which provides an assessment on whether or not the prototype has met key non-functional requirements, is included.



The INSPIRE Schema Transformation Network Service videos describes the philosophy behind the INSPIRE Schema Transformation Network Service. The video has been produced in English, German and French

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