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INSPIRE Spatial Data Services Recommendations Survey

The INSPIRE Directive foresees the development of Implementing rules for spatial data services and for network services allowing spatial data services to be invoked.

The Commission decided to split the development of the implementing rules for the spatial data services in 2 phases:(1) An exploratory phase to refine the framework for the development of the implementing rules; the current phase; and (2) A drafting phase when the implementing rules will be developed.

Initial discussion with the National Contact Points in 2010 led to the creation of a Spatial Data Services Working Group (SDS WG) composed of experts nominated by the National Contact Points tasked to help the Commission in refining the framework for the development of the implementing rules through the provision of recommendations.

In the context of the spatial data services exploratory phase, the Spatial Data Services Working Group, in close collaboration with the Network Services Drafting Team, has released the first version of its recommendations "Spatial Data Services Working Group Recommendations for the development of Spatial Data Services Implementing Rules"

This survey, addressed to the Spatial Data Interest Communities (SDICs) and Legally Mandated Organizations (LMOs), is meant to seek the SDICs and LMOs feedback on these recommendations.  

In addition we also seek input on the needs for harmonization and interoperability of existing spatial data services under consideration of cost-benefit analysis.

We seek one response per SDIC and LMO. Your feedback is appreciated by the 27th of April 2011

To participate, login or register  on the restricted SDIC/LMO  area of the INSPIRE Site. You will be directed to the survey page.
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