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The INSPIRE team @ INSPIRE Conference 2017


The INSPIRE team is delighted to be participating at the INSPIRE Conference 2017 “INSPIRE a digital Europe: Thinking out of the box” in Kehl/Strasbourg from 4th - 8th September 2017.

Where and when can you expect to see the INSPIRE Team?  

In Kehl, on Monday and Tuesday, you can join us in a number of workshops.

The Introduction to INSPIRE workshop on Monday 4th September from 09:00 – 12:30 will provide a general overview of INSPIRE Directive including legal framework, data scope, services and technologies for INSPIRE implementation. It addresses basically two type of participants: those who are for first time on the conference and for those who want to learn more or just refresh their knowledge on INSPIRE.  If you miss these you can always join the special INSPIRE training during the conference in Strasbourg, which will take place during the lunch breaks on Wednesday 6th and Thursday 8th September.

The workshop, “Towards an INSPIREd e-Reporting?, which will also take place on Monday 4th September from 09:00 – 12:30,  aims at triggering a discussion about the state and outlook of the practical use of INSPIRE for an enhanced environmental reporting, using as a baseline the EEA-DG ENV concept paper “The future of eReporting and the link to INSPIRE” as well as the experience gained from implementation cases such as CDDA (Common Database on Designated Areas) and the EU Registry on Industrial Sites. 

The INSPIRE Reference Validator hands-on workshop, on Tuesday 5th September from 11:00 – 12:30, offers INSPIRE implementers the opportunity to use the new reference validator to test metadata, data and services. Participants will have the opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions for enhancing the validator.

At the INSPIRE Visual Analytics - dissecting the infrastructure workshop Tuesday 5th September from 16:00 – 17:30, will demonstrate how INSPIRE infrastructure developed and matured during ten years of INSPIRE implementation using data mining, robust statistics, data enrichment and visualisation.  This 'eagle eye' perspective over the whole European infrastructure allows us to see what INSPIRE really provides, how national INSPIRE implementation strategies can be understood from visual analytics, who are the leaders among providers, where are opportunities for de/regulation, how relevant are we to the global GI development etc.

During the Conference in Strasbourg we will be presenting our on-going projects and activities in a number of sessions.  

In particular on Wednesday 6th September from  09:00 – 10:30  in the  MIWP 2016-2020 overview session you can learn first-hand of the progress made in the  INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation Work Programme 2016-2020.

In addition, on Friday 8th September from 09:00 – 12:30 we will be taking a look into the possible future evolution of INSPIRE in two “INSPIRE What if …?” sessions.  Have a look at the background and position papers.

Finally, please visit us the INSPIRE stand in the exhibition hall where we will be demonstrating our systems and tools and answering your questions! 

We look forward to seeing there! 

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