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INSPIRE Technical Architecture - Overview Document published

This document provides a high-level overview of the current understanding of the technical architecture of INSPIRE. It illustrates the required elements within the infrastructure, their relationships and the responsible party for drafting the relevant specification. The document does not describe the technical specification of the individual elements. This is work-in-progress and it will change as a result of further discussions.
This document is intended to serve two purposes:
  • Support the discussion within and between the parties involved in the drafting of the technical specification of the individual elements (Commission, Drafting Teams, and Thematic Working Groups). Most of these specifications are written for adoption as Implementing Rules. The document will primarily be used to identify gaps in the current set of work items as well as identify needs for additional collaboration between parties specifying elements of the architecture with mutual relationships.
  • Help SDICs and LMOs to better understand the context of the different deliverables that are being created by the parties mentioned above and which will typically be send to SDICs and LMOs for consultation as described in the Work Programme.
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