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Join the JRC team as Scientific Project officer in Technologies for data ecosystems


Want to be part of a groundbreaking team researching on data and digital transformation?

The JRC is looking for a researcher with a strong background in analysing ways to improve the availability of data to reinforce our team identifying, documenting and investigating the development of technological enablers that can facilitate the sharing and reuse of data in the EU.

This current vacancy is to join the Digital Economy Unit of the Directorate for Digital Transformation and Data, which provides techno-socio-economic research on the impacts and strategic role of digital technologies, data and digital platforms for the economy and society, as well as on digital skills and digital education, and the modernisation of the public sector. 

The candidates, with a keen interest in supporting EU digital policies, should have the following experience/skills (essential):

  • Postgraduate degree in computer science or equivalent;
  • At least three years’ experience in the field of data and technology such as cloud platforms, APIs, Artificial Intelligence, IoT;
  • Very good (C1) command of English language.

Any of the following skills and experience would be desirable:

  • Experience in project management;
  • Relevant ICT skills such as data extraction, data fusion and interoperability, APIs, data analysis, incl. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence;
  • Experience in stakeholder engagement;
  • Experience in academic writing and communicating to scientific, policy, and business audiences, as well as to citizens;
  • Track-record of academic publications in impact factor journals in fields relevant to the position;
  • Experience in procurement planning, evaluation and coordination;
  • Familiarity with EU digital/technology policies and legal initiatives.

Among other tasks, the work may involve: 

  • Analyse and document emerging data-intensive technologies and building blocks for data sharing and use (such as industrial IoT, metaverse/cityverse, digital twins, nocode/low code AI).
  • Contribute to the development and use of a testing framework for the evaluation of emerging data-intensive technologies, like the ones listed above.
  • Study the concrete approaches (e.g. architectural patterns, data flows) and implications from the uptake of those technologies for innovation and Europe’s sovereignty.
  • Set up dedicated sandboxes and experimentally evaluate those technologies in a scientifically sound manner.

The deadline for this application is 20/04/2023 23:59 Brussels time. 

Place of employment: Ispra (Italy).

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