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Less than one month to comment on INSPIRE Annex II and II data specifications

A gentle reminder that there is less than one month before the close of the INSPIRE Annex II and III Data Specifications consultation on the 21st October 2011.

Please note that on the 26th August some changes  were made to the Data Specification on Geology – Draft Guidelines  and to INSPIRE Annex II&III GML Application Schemas. Please ensure that you have downloaded the latest versions.

In June the INSPIRE Thematic Working Groups (TWGs), Data Specifications Drafting Team and INSPIRE JRC Data Specifications Team  finalised the draft Data Specifications of the Spatial Data Themes referred to in Annex II and III of the INSPIRE Directive. Their work is now available for public view and consultation by the INSPIRE Stakeholder Community as draft Guidelines .

Based on all the comments received, the INSPIRE TWGs will issue a new version of the Data Specification – Draft Guidelines, while the European Commission will prepare the amendment proposal for the Implementing Rules on interoperability of spatial data sets and services, which will be submitted for opinion to the INSPIRE Regulatory Committee in 2012.

Stakeholders are invited to comment on the following documents and files:
  • Data Specification on INSPIRE Annexes II and III – Draft Guidelines
  • Proposed updates to the Generic Conceptual Model and Encoding Guidelines
  • D2.9 Guidelines for the use of Observations & Measurements and Sensor Web Enablement-related standards in INSPIRE Annex II and III data specification development
  • In addition, for reference, the UML data models will be provided in different formats and views at
  • The consultation is open until 21 October 2011
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