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Results from the INSPIRE Annex I data specifications testing Call for Participation

The INSPIRE Team would like to thank all the testers who registered for INSPIRE Annex I data specifications testing Call for Participation. We have received feedback from 76 stakeholders in more than 22 countries, stating their willingness to join the testing process. Although INSPIRE is a European initiative, we have also received expression of interest from organisations in Australia, United States and Columbia to participate in the testing. The majority of the testers are interested in transformation testing (58). There is also a very strong group of data providers (56) and also a high interest in application testing (33). 55 SDIC/LMOs are planning to cooperate with the other SDICs and LMOs in the testing process. This shows the importance of knowledge exchange, which will help during the testing process and provide useful results. A dedicated website with the relevant documentation, a forum for knowledge exchange and access to the data specifications testing databases and reports will be established for the registered testers.
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