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Survey: Usability of INSPIRE Data


The objective of this survey is to collect issues and clear barriers regarding the utilisation of INSPIRE data in the context of Action 2017.3 under the INSPIRE maintenance and implementation work programme.

The action aims to:

  1. Gather use cases,  requirements and issues for data utilisation
  2. Engage with the open source community and commercial vendors on how data can be (re)used in client software
  3. Investigate means for consumption of INSPIRE data from National and European discovery services in client applications

We encourage you to circulate it as widely as possible. If more than one example is available, please provide separate survey entries. 

Envisaged roadmap

The following approach is foreseen after the questionnaire is closed:

  • Summary of responses and content check
  • Study analysing all the issues and proposing solutions
  • Prioritisation of proposed solutions
  • Meeting(s) with solution providers (open source and proprietary)
  • Roadmap for solutions with higher priority

Additional information on the context and relevant developments is provided within the MIWP 2017.3 wiki page.

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