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Update of INSPIRE Registry to Re3gistry software v.2


The Re3gistry is an open source software for creating, managing, updating and sharing reference codes through a user-friendly interface. The software assigns these codes (unique identifiers) to register items, their labels, definitions and descriptions, which are available in different languages. Once shared, all these elements can be easily browsed by humans and retrieved by machines, including the possibility of downloading them in different formats and exploiting the information using a REST API. It constitutes a key component ensuring interoperability in data infrastructures.

The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) started the development of the Re3gistry in 2014 to satisfy the interoperability requirements set by the INSPIRE Directive. In 2020, considering the high reusability of the tool beyond INSPIRE, the JRC released the code as open source under the European Union Public License (EUPL) v.1.2. Its development has been funded by the European Commission under the ARE3NA and ELISE interoperability actions. More recently, the National Land Survey of Finland also contributed to the project. A second version of the Re3gistry software was released in 2021.

The INSPIRE registry  is currently the most popular implementation of the Re3gistry software. It is the central point of access to (currently) more than 7000 reference codes, available in 23 languages and several formats (HTML, ISO 19135 XML, JSON, RDF/XML, Re3gistry XML, CSV), grouped into different centrally managed INSPIRE registers. The content of these registers is based on the INSPIRE Directive, Implementing Rules and Technical Guidelines (as illustration, used to reference INSPIRE themes, code lists and application schemas).

The underlying software of the INSPIRE Registry has been recently updated to Re3gistry version v2.3.1 (on 6th October 2022) - a largely expected milestone in the roadmap of this INSPIRE central component which will benefit the INSPIRE community. This new version provides several enhancements and new features, such as a management interface to add and modify the status of items, and the capability to trace the full lifecycle of items following the workflow defined by ISO 19135 standard, which are especially interesting in the scope of the register management.

A more comprehensive list of functionalities is provided below:

  • User-friendly editing interface to add, edit and manage the registers and reference codes.
  • Management of the full lifecycle of the reference codes (based on the ISO 19135 Standard).
  • Highly flexible and customisable data models.
  • Multi-lingual content support.
  • Support for versioning.
  • RESTful API with content negotiation (including OpenAPI 3 descriptor).
  • Free-text search.
  • Supported formats: HTML, ISO 19135 XML, JSON, RDF/XML, Re3gistry XML, CSV.
  • Service formats can be easily added or customised.
  • Multiple authentication options.
  • Externally governed items referenced through URI.
  • INSPIRE register federation format support (option to automatically create the RoR format).
  • Web-app to access the reference codes in a human readable way.

More information is available in the Re3gistry helpdesk repository.

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