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INSPIRE Video library

The INSPIRE Video library is a resource that provides access to INSPIRE relevant videos and recordings.




Published Date Title
2017-06-20 Make INSPIRE work for you!
2017-05-19 INSPIRE National implementation webinar - Belgium
2017-05-19 INSPIRE National implementation webinar - Croatia
2017-05-19 INSPIRE: National implementation - SIovenia
2016-10-21 INSPIRE Marine Pilot
2016-04-14 INSPIRE Implementation in Denmark
2016-04-14 INSPIRE Implementation in Slovakia
2016-02-11 INSPIRE Implementation in Czech Republic
2015-10-14 INSPIRE Implementation in Poland
2015-09-18 Hugo De Groof on success of INSPIRE SDI in Europe
2015-09-15 Introduction to INSPIRE: short video
2015-07-01 EULF Transportation Video
2015-05-05 INSPIRE Implementation in Finland
2015-05-04 INSPIRE implementation in Germany
2015-02-11 INSPIRE Implementation in Netherlands
2014-03-14 NSDI / INSPIRE Video
2013-05-18 INSPIRE - the right decisions - May 2013
2012-11-30 BE-INSPIRED
2012-03-26 INSPIRE Schema Transformation Video
2012-03-26 Schema Transformation Video (Deutsch)