INSPIRE Knowledge Base


Agis GmbH
Alpine Network of Potected Areas
Brüel & Kjær Prediction Partnership Environmental Noise Interest Group
CIB W106 Geographical Information Systems
Harmonisation of forest resource, carbon pools, and biodiverstiy information in Europe
Geographic Information Systems
ENVIFACILITATE SDIC between Finland, Estonia and Latvia. Members of a n EU Life Environment project on integration of spatial environmental information across different themes, scales, resolutions and uses: added value of facilitating mechanisms
Project for ESRIN enhanced service infrastructure technology
European Global Ocean Observing System
Cross Border SDI between all 9 Austrian Provinces
Generalization of HAzard/RIsk predictive Mapping Standards for disaster management
GEOSS, INSPIRE and GMES an Action in Support
Methodology of GIS technology application of the adaptive-landscape agriculture in the Republic Kazakhstan
Work group on a generalized natural sciences online spatial information system of federal scientific institutes in Belgium
WMO Global Runoff Data Centre
Grontmij GIS & ICT ( NL & DK )
Architects involved in Historic Cities sustainable design and plan Education
United Kingdom, Intra-Governmental Group on Geographic Information
International Hydrographic Organization
INOVA Consortium
Cross Border SDI of EU Candidate Countries and Potential Candidate Countries
Subsoil Network Laboratory
Project Management Team of developing of Lithuanian Geographic Information Infrastructure (LGII) project
MarCoast ESA GSE Stage 2 Project
Mine Cartography Information System
spatial multidimensional models
CEN ISSS MMI-Dublin Core Workshop
Geographic Information Strategy for Northern Ireland
National Agricultural Research Foundation