Cadastral parcels

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Cadastral parcels
Areas defined by cadastral registers or equivalent.
The INSPIRE Directive focuses on the geographical part of cadastral data. In the INSPIRE context, cadastral parcels will be mainly used as locators for geo-information in general, including environmental data.
As much as possible, in the INSPIRE context, cadastral parcels should be forming a partition of national territory. Cadastral parcel should be considered as a single area of Earth surface, under homogeneous real property rights and unique ownership (adapted from UN ECE 2004 and WG-CPI, 2006). Remark: By unique ownership is meant that the ownership is held by one or several owners for the whole parcel. By homogeneous property rights is meant that rights of ownership, leases and mortgages affect the whole parcel. This does not apply to specific rights as servitudes which may only affect part of the parcel.

In the definition given by the INSPIRE directive, or equivalent refers to all public agencies and institutions other than the main traditional/nominal cadastre or land registry, that register parts of the Earth's surface such as special domains, urban cadastres, public lands, which spatially complement the registrations by the main cadastre or land registry.
Cadastral parcels are considered in the INSPIRE scope if they are available as vector data.
Rights and owners are out of the INSPIRE scope.
Buildings, land use, addresses are considered in other INSPIRE themes.
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