Mineral resources

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Mineral resources
Mineral resources including metal ores, industrial minerals, etc., where relevant including depth/height information on the extent of the resource.
The Mineral resources data theme refers to the description of natural concentrations of very diverse mineral resources of potential or proven economic interest. The important attributes such as the nature, genesis, location, extent, mining and distribution of resources reflect the two main identified categories of potential use. These are:
• Management of resources and their exploitation and exploration activities: provision of information on inventoried mineral resources as well as on the quantitative assessment of undiscovered mineral resources and the modelling of mineral deposits.
• Environmental impact assessments: mapping and measuring environmental geological parameters for assessing geological material to be used for construction and rehabilitation at the mine site.

The Mineral resources data model is organised around two major categories of information: description and location of mines and mining activities; the description and location of "earth resources” including their classification, estimates of amount, as well as a description of the main market commodities. The energy resources such as coal, oil and gas are excluded in this theme, as they are found in theme energy resources.
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