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Annex I xml schema update

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In the amendment of the Implementing Rules and the corresponding updated versions of the data specification Technical Guidelines, a number of changes have been introduced to the Annex I data models (for details, see Annex II of Commission Regulation (EU) No 1253/2013 and the updated data specifications), namely:

  1. Some candidate types and placeholders and the references to them have been removed (since they have been replaced by other types in the Annex II+III themes).
  2. Some candidate types and placeholders have been re-included in the Physical Waters package in the Hydrography theme
  3. Some references have been updated to types in Annex II+III themes
  4. Some additional sub-types of HydroObject have been created in the Sea Regions theme
  5. An additional data model has been developed for Maritime Units.
  6. One minor change of a geometry type (from GM_Surface to GM_MultiSurface) has been made in the candidate type Shore.

As a consequence, some of the Annex I xml schemas need to be updated to reflect these changes. If possible, any data sets that have already been created according to the current schemas (v3.0) should also be valid according to the updated schemas (or could be made valid by only changing a namespace).

Since such changes can impact on implementation of software, a development and release process should be developed for updating/maintaining XML schemas. This process should address acceptance, versioning, corrigenda etc. There is a need to coordinate with software developers and data providers about proposed changes to ensure implications of changes are kept to a minimum, that people are informed and plans made about how to migrate. The communication strategy should also be covered by the development and release process.

Finally, there is also a need to discuss, whether, when and how the updated encoding rules (that have been used for the Annex II+III schemas) are applied to the Annex I schemas.

Proposed change or action:

  • Define a formal process for management and updates of XML schemas
  • Propose updates to XML schemas for Annex I to make them consistent with the amended IRs
  • Propose a roadmap for applying the new encoding rules to the Annex I schemas

Organisational set-up:

Establish a MIG sub-group to address the issue. This could be the same group as for MIWP-11 and MIWP-12.


  • Proccess for management and updates of XML schemas
  • Updated XML schemas for Annex I

Possible funding:

  • JRC institutional / competitive budget
  • MS funding