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Extension of Download Service TG for observation data

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The current TG for download services are based on WFS 2.0 for direct access download services. This option may be inappropriate for direct download services for observation, coverage and tabular data.

Proposed change or action:

Investigate need and feasibility of extending the TG with Direct access services based on SOS (Sensor Observation Service (SOS), Web Coverage Service (WCS) and TJS (Table Join Service) standards

Organisational set-up:

The activities of the sub-group should be divided in the following aspects:

  • 7a: SOS: The ARE3NA ISA action is launching a study on a SOS-based direct access download service, which will
    • make recommendations for updating the Download service TG for observation data
    • test the feasibility through a prototype implementation
  • 7b: WCS
  • 7c: TJS

Organise a workshop to define the requirements and scope for a potential update of the TG for download services (covering SOS, WCS and TJS).


Potentially updated Download service TG (depending on outcomes of the workshop / study)

Possible funding: