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Improve usefulness and reliability of monitoring information

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The participants of the Monitoring & Reporting workshop held in Copenhagen on 15/10/2013 underlined the strong need to improve the usefulness and the reliability of monitoring information.

Proposed change or action:

  • Phase 1
    o Review the indicators defined in Articles 3 to 10 of the Commission Decision of 5 June 2009, implementing Directive 2007/2/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards monitoring and reporting, with the objective of automating their calculation.
    o Analyse how to extract monitoring information from the metadata records available in the EU-Geoportal or from the metadata records available in national geoportals.
    o Analyse how to filter out the metadata records which are for INSPIRE datasets out of a catalogue containing metadata on more datasets than only INSPIRE datasets.
    o Design a dashboard (including functional requirements) which would provide access to all monitoring information and related indicators for every Member State.
    o Test the approach with pilot countries.
    o Update the justification document for indicators as appropriate.
    o Update the Technical Guidelines on monitoring as appropriate.
  • Phase 2
    o Possibly, propose evolutions of discovery metadata or monitoring data requiring modifications of some legally binding pieces of INSPIRE legislation.

Organisational set-up:

Establish a MIG sub-group to address the issue.


  • Prototype of a dashboard
  • Updated justification document for indicators
  • Updated Technical Guidelines on monitoring

Possible funding:

  • JRC institutional / competitive budget
  • MS funding