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Registries and registers

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Member States need to build registries to implement INSPIRE (and use the central INSPIRE registers). A technical guideline should explain how to build them, how to extend central INSPIRE registers and how to link national registers/extensions to the central INSPIRE registry.

The priorities for the further development (functionality and content) of the central INSPIRE registry should be discussed between the EC and the MS. Possible topics include:

  • Support for registration of mapping between code lists
  • Support for registration of extended models and code lists
  • Inclusion of updated feature concept dictionary (incl. Annex II+III)
  • Agreement on how to address CRS register in INSPIRE

Proposed change or action:

  • Develop technical guidelines and Best Practices explaining how to build registries and how to link them to EU registry.
  • Provide requirements and set priorities for the development of the central INSPIRE registry and underlying Re3gistry software
  • Test new releases of mainly the service (and possibly the software) and provide feedback
  • Set-up a test-bed for connecting national registries to the central INSPIRE registry
  • Set-up a registry of registries that contains metadata for registries and registers in the Member States
  • Define procedures and decision-making rules for a control body for the INSPIRE Registry (with the possibility to form a separate sub-group if needed)

Organisational set-up:

Form a MIG sub-group including MIG representatives and experts from the PoE


  • Development roadmap (functionality and content) for the central INSPIRE registry.
  • Updated version of the central INSPIRE registry
  • Technical Guidelines on how to set up registries and registers for INSPIRE (including connecting to the central INSPIRE registry), covering topics such as versioning, http URIs (while interacting with groups working on this topic elsewhere in the MIF)
  • Testing instances of the INSPIRE registry deployed in different participants’ organisations

Possible funding:

  • ARE3NA (for registry development, testbed)
  • MS funding (for registry development, testbed)