INSPIRE application schema register

INSPIRE application schema register
Content Summary:
The INSPIRE application schema register contains all application schemas of the consolidated INSPIRE UML data model.
European Union
Register manager:
European Commission, Joint Research Centre
Control body:
Control body for the central INSPIRE registers and INSPIRE register federation
Nominated submitting organisations for the central INSPIRE registers and INSPIRE register federation
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Application Schemas

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Label Themes Status
Processes Valid
Addresses Valid
Administrative Units Valid
Maritime Units Valid
Agricultural and Aquaculture Facilities Model Valid
Area Management Restriction and Regulation Zones Valid
Atmospheric Conditions and Meteorological Geographical Features Valid
Bio-geographical Regions Valid
Building 2D Valid
Building 3D Valid
Building Base Valid
Cadastral Parcels Valid
Elevation - Base Types Valid
Elevation - Grid Coverage Valid
Elevation - TIN Valid
Elevation - Vector Elements Valid
Energy Resources Base Valid
Energy Resources Coverage Valid
Energy Resources Vector Valid
Environmental Monitoring Facilities Valid
Activity Complex Valid
Base Types Valid
Base Types 2 Valid
Coverages (Base) Valid
Coverages (Domain and Range) Valid
Network Valid
Observable Properties Valid
Observation References Valid
Specialised Observations Valid
Geographical Names Valid
Geology Valid
Geophysics Valid
Hydrogeology Valid
Habitats and Biotopes Valid
Human Health Valid
Hydro - Base Valid
Hydro - Network Valid
Hydro - Physical Waters Valid
Land Cover Nomenclature Valid
Land Cover Raster Valid
Land Cover Vector Valid
Existing Land Use Valid
Gridded Land Use Valid
Land Use Nomenclature Valid
Planned Land Use Valid
Sampled Land Use Valid
Mineral Resources Valid
Natural Risk Zones Valid
Oceanographic Geographical Features Valid
Orthoimagery Valid
Population Distribution - Demography Valid
Production and Industrial Facilities Valid
Protected Sites Simple Valid
Sea Regions Valid
Soil Valid
Species Distribution Valid
Statistical Units Base Valid
Statistical Units Grid Valid
Statistical Units Vector Valid
Air Transport Network Valid
Cable Transport Network Valid
Common Transport Elements Valid
Railway Transport Network Valid
Road Transport Network Valid
Water Transport Network Valid
Administrative and Social Governmental Services Valid
Common Utility Network Elements Valid
Electricity Network Valid
Environmental Management Facilities Valid
Oil-Gas-Chemicals Network Valid
Sewer Network Valid
Thermal Network Valid
Water Network Valid
Gazetteer Retired
Safety Valid
Energy Statistics Valid