forest management area

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forest management area
Area designated for the sustainable management of forest resources and functions.
NOTE: FOREST EUROPE (the Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe) has developed and adopted six criteria and a set of associated indicators for sustainable forest management. They provide guidance for developing policies and help assess progress on sustainable forest management. Similar criteria have been developed in other regional and international pro- cesses, all in line with the seven thematic elements of sustain- able forest management agreed by the United Nations.
The pan-European criteria describe the different ele- ments and goals as follows:
1. Maintenance and appropriate enhancement of forest resources and their contribution to global carbon cycles;
2. Maintenance of forest ecosystems’ health and vitality;
3. Maintenance and encouragement of productive functions of forests (wood and non-wood);
4. Maintenance, conservation and appropriate enhancement of biological diversity in forest ecosystems;
5. Maintenance, conservation and appropriate en- hancement of protective functions in forest management (notably soil and water);
6. Maintenance of other socio-economic functions and conditions.

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