Metadata element - Responsible organisation

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Metadata element - Responsible organisation
For the purposes of Article 5(2)(d) and Article 11(2)(g) of Directive 2007/2/EC, the following two metadata elements shall be provided: 9.1. Responsible party 9.2. Responsible party role.
9.1. Responsible partyThis is the description of the organisation responsible for the establishment, management, maintenance and distribution of the resource.This description shall include:— the name of the organisation as free text,— a contact e-mail address as a character string.9.2. Responsible party roleThis is the role of the responsible organisation.The value domain of this metadata element is defined in Part D.Responsible party role:1. Resource Provider (resourceProvider)Party that supplies the resource.2. Custodian (custodian)Party that accepts accountability and responsibility for the data and ensures appropriate care and maintenance of the resource.3. Owner (owner)Party that owns the resource.4. User (user)Party who uses the resource.5. Distributor (distributor)Party who distributes the resource.6. Originator (originator)Party who created the resource7. Point of Contact (pointOfContact)Party who can be contacted for acquiring knowledge about or acquisition of the resource.8. Principal Investigator (principalInvestigator)Key party responsible for gathering information and conducting research.9. Processor (processor)Party who has processed the data in a manner such that the resource has been modified.10. Publisher (publisher)Party who published the resource.11. Author (author)Party who authored the resource.
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