INSPIRE glossary

INSPIRE glossary
Content Summary:
The INSPIRE Glossary contains general terms and definitions that specify the common terminology used in the INSPIRE Directive and in the INSPIRE Implementing Rules documents. The glossary supports the use of a consistent language in different documents when referring to the terms.
European Union
Register manager:
European Commission, Joint Research Centre
Control body:
Control body for the central INSPIRE registers and INSPIRE register federation
Nominated submitting organisations for the central INSPIRE registers and INSPIRE register federation
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Show only valid items
Label Status
Actor Valid
Application data Valid
Application schema Valid
Class Valid
Codelist Valid
Conceptual model Valid
Conceptual schema Valid
Conceptual schema language Valid
Coverage Valid
Data harmonisation Valid
Data interoperability component Valid
Data interoperability process Valid
Data product Valid
Data product specification Valid
Data set Valid
Data set series Valid
Data specification Valid
Endonym Valid
Entity Valid
Enumeration Valid
ESDI Valid
Exonym Valid
External object identifier Valid
Feature Valid
Feature catalogue Valid
Feature concept Valid
Feature concept dictionary Valid
Feature-related concepts Valid
Gazetteer Valid
General feature model Valid
Geographic identifier Valid
Geographical grid system Valid
Harmonised data product specifications Valid
Homologous spatial objects Valid
Identifier Valid
Infrastructure for spatial information Valid
INSPIRE application schema Valid
INSPIRE data specification Valid
INSPIRE geo-portal Valid
Internal object identifier Valid
Interoperability Valid
Interoperable spatial data Valid
Level of detail Valid
Life-cycle information Valid
Life-cycle rules Valid
Linear reference system Valid
Linguistic text Valid
Metadata Valid
Multicultural Valid
Multilingual Valid
Multiple representation Valid
Object Valid
Object referencing Valid
Ontology Valid
Profile Valid
Public authority Valid
Reference data Valid
Reference model Valid
Register Valid
Registry Valid
Resolution Valid
Scale Valid
Spatial data Valid
Spatial data services Valid
Spatial data set Valid
Spatial object Valid
Spatial object type Valid
Spatial reference system Valid
Spatial schema Valid
Temporal reference system Valid
Temporal schema Valid
Thematic identifier Valid
Theme Valid
Third party Valid
Transformation Valid
Unique object identifier Valid
Unit Valid
Universe of discourse Valid
Use case Valid
Version Valid
Postal address Valid
Dynamic segmentation Valid
Linear element Valid
Linear referencing Valid
Static segmentation Valid
River basin Valid
Sub-basin Valid
Glacier Valid
Snowfield Valid
Foreshore Valid
Riverbank Valid
Fictitious Valid
Cross section (watercourse) Valid
Discharge rate Valid
Flow direction Valid
Groundwater Valid
Large river Valid
Large lake Valid
Main river Valid
Main lake Valid
Artificial water body Valid
Heavily modified water body Valid
Dike / levee Valid
Wharf Valid
Sluice gate Valid
Culvert Valid
Aqueduct Valid
Bridge Valid
Cistern Valid
Tank Valid
Well Valid
Natural watercourse Valid
Man made watercourse Valid
Heavily modified Valid
Bifurcation Valid
Vanishing point Valid
Confluence Valid
River basin district Valid
Aquifer Valid
Dam Valid
Spring Valid
Natura2000 Valid
Protected Site Valid
Protected Area Valid
Coordinate reference system Valid
Coordinate system Valid
Datum Valid
Grid point Valid
EuroRoadS Valid
Eurocontrol Valid
Character string Valid
Free text Valid
Lineage Valid
Metadata element Valid
Namespace Valid
Quality Valid
Resource Valid
Spatial data set series Valid
Metadata element - Resource title Valid
Metadata element - Resource abstract Valid
Metadata element - Resource type Valid
Metadata element - Resource locator Valid
Metadata element - Unique resource identifier Valid
Metadata element - Coupled resource Valid
Metadata element - Resource language Valid
Metadata element - Topic category Valid
Metadata element - Spatial data service type Valid
Metadata element - Keyword Valid
Metadata element - Geographic bounding box Valid
Metadata element - Temporal reference Valid
Metadata element - Lineage Valid
Metadata element - Spatial resolution Valid
Metadata element - Conformity Valid
Metadata element - Conditions for access and use Valid
Metadata element - Limitations on public access Valid
Metadata element - Responsible organisation Valid
Metadata element - Metadata point of contact Valid
Metadata element - Metadata date Valid
Metadata element - Metadata language Valid
Discovery service (discovery) Valid
View service (view) Valid
Download service (download) Valid
Transformation service (transformation) Valid
Invoke spatial data service (invoke) Valid
Other service (service) Valid
Spatial data services - classification Valid
Addressable object Valid
Property Valid
Cadastral gap Valid
Topological gap Valid
Cadastral overlap Valid
Topological overlap Valid
Geodetic datum Valid
Grid Valid
Map projection Valid
Compound coordinate reference system Valid
Geodetic coordinate system Valid
Grid cell Valid
Aerodrome reference point Valid
Airport/Heliport Valid
Deep water route Valid
Inter-modal connection Valid
Navaid equipment Valid
Railway yard Valid
Significant point Valid
Reference grid Retired
CP controlled gap Retired
CP uncontrolled gap Retired
CP controlled overlap Retired
CP uncontrolled overlap Retired
ETRS89/EVRS Retired
European Terrestrial Reference System 1989 (ETRS89) Retired
European Vertical Reference System (EVRS) Retired
basic property unit Retired
dataset Retired
Direct access download service Valid
Pre-defined data set download service Valid