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Unités administratives

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Unités administratives
Unités d'administration séparées par des limites administratives et délimitant les zones dans lesquelles les États membres détiennent et/ou exercent leurs compétences, aux fins de l'administration locale, régionale et nationale.
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Each national territory is divided into administrative units. The administrative units are separated by administrative boundaries. Administrative units and administrative boundaries form a partition of space. According to user requirements it will be distinguished between land and (coastal) water parts of administrative units. The INSPIRE theme 'Administrative units' refers to the division of areas where Member States have and/or exercise jurisdictional rights, for local, regional and national governance, i.e. units at the cadastral parcel level are excluded as well as territorial waters, which are in fact assigned to the INSPIRE themes 'Cadastral parcels', 'Hydrography' (Annex I) and/or 'Sea regions' (Annex III). It does not include related systems such as census districts, post office regions and other sector-specific regions, but it will contain a reference to national statistical units at local level (LAU) and to the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) established by Eurostat.
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